1200 Horsepower 2010 Nissan GT-R Switzer Ultimate Street Edition


Motorcar Solutions is pgroud to represent one of the best, most well-sorted examples of high-horsepower GT-R builds in the country. Considerable time, effort, and expense has gone into refining every aspect of this car to live up to the Ultimate Street Edition moniker. We have over $120,000 in receipts above and beyond the cost of the car itself. The build has approximately ten thousand miles on it, ensuring that everything is set up optimally and is fully sorted with no surprises. How do we know this? Simple, we’ve been friends with the owner for years and have dinner with him once a week.



From the owner:

Having been on the other end of buying an expensive, highly modified car in the past, I know how important it is for a buyer to not only be informed about the vehicle and its history but also be comfortable with who he is buying it from. This GT-R is one of over a dozen 800hp+ cars I have owned over the years and I can say, unequivocally, that this is one of the finest high horsepower machines I have ever had the pleasure of getting behind the wheel of. I never intended for this car to be the fastest thing at TX2K, or half mile shootout, I intended to drive it – and drive it I have. The astounding balance and Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde demeanor of this car is what makes it so special. This setup has run 8.90s @ 160+ mph on other cars and I have no reason to suspect this car could do it as well. My wife has driven this car, my retired mother (who is terrified of 300hp, much less 1000hp) has driven this car, and I take my kids in this car. On the outside, it is understated: subtle, yet with clear presence. Around town, temps barely creep over 160F (you read that right!), it idles like glass, and I can sit in Chicago traffic with it as if it were a stock GT-R. Switch the maps by pressing a button on the cruise control, however, and now you have enough power to hunt Hayabusas or pretty much anything else.5B8A8548

The owner’s approach to this car was to truly make it an Ultimate Street Edition machine. He chose not to use E85 fuel; even though E85 could make an additional 100-150 whp on this car with minimal changes, it would not provide the same streetability. Instead, it runs on your choice of pump gas or 100 octane without any compromise. It idles like stock, drives like stock, and is truly a solidly built, reliable street car.

Ultimate Street Edition is something many cars strive to be, but few do it like the GT-R. From minor details like the brakes and suspension, to the Syvecs and transmission, every minor detail has been about making a true street car that can be driven every single day. Switzer, and their support is phenomenal. The only issue we have had this year was a leak in a wastegate boost hose, which was replaced with $1000 worth of high temp (500C) lines and fittings. $1000  may sound like a lot for some hoses. That’s because it is, but it has been the way everything on this car has been dealt with. Everything that has been touched has been an improvement with no expense spared.

This is a unique, well sorted, well maintained, incredibly capable supercar ready for it’s next owner at a mere fraction of the cost it would take to replicate. This incredible vehicle is located in our indoor showroom just outside of Chicago, IL. Please feel free to contact the Motorcar Solutions team with any questions, we’re happy to help!



1,200 Horsepower Arctic White Exterior
Clear Bra Paint Protecting Film on Front Bumper, Hood, and Fenders Black Interior
ADV.1 Wheels Forged Engine Internals
Upgraded 2014 Transmission and Clutch Syvecs S8 PnP ECU, ECUtek License and Cable
Switzer Monster Intercooler Kit Switzer Fuel Injector Kit
Switzer Spec External Wastegate Assembly Switzer Turbochargers and Manifold Assembly
Switzer Fuel Injector Kit Switzer Catless Downpipes
Switzer High-Flow Turbo Intakes for Switzer MAF Switzer MAF / Intake and Filter Assembly
Switzer Fuel System Upgrades Switzer Engine Cooling Package
Switzer 90MM Stainless Steel Exhaust System Switzer Fuel Injector Kit


Switzer Stage 1 VR38DETT Engine Build Switzer Spec Mahle Pistins, Pins, and Rings
Switzer Spec Carillo Connecting Rods Switzer Spec Camshafts
Switzer Blueprinted Engine and Oil Pump Switzer Spec Nissan Engine Components

Transmission and Drivetrain

Upgraded to Built 2014 Transmission Upgraded Transmission Cooler
PPG 1st Gear – Switzer Clutch FWD Retainer
Mechanical Locks #1 & #2 O-Ring and Seal Upgrade Kit
Oil Pump Shaft Upgrade with Blueprint 6 Neodymium Magnets
High Temp Rear Differential Oil Seal Stainless Reusable Internal Filter
Dodson R35 CA Clutch Basket / Output A (2,4,6) Dodson R35 CB Clutch Basket / Output B (1,3,5,R)
R35 GTR Transmission Cooler GR6 Transmission Fluid


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